Thank you for visiting Jake McDonald Photography Studios where your images are my number one priority. Over twenty years ago, while completing my graduate studies, I purchased my first SLR film camera as a way to combat writer’s block. I initially used the camera to capture elements of still life and architecture to use in sketches. The more photos I took, the less I sketched. One day a church member asked if I would be his wedding photographer. Talk about having reservations. He had more confidence in me than I did at the time. I read everything about wedding photography and practiced often, but it didn’t matter. There were some good pictures (emphasis on some) but most were either underexposed or the flash was out of sync. A few hundred rolls of practice later, I was ready for the next wedding opportunity and it showed in the prints.

From film to digital.

Months of practice shooting every manner of film from slides to black and white to traditional color helped make me a better photographer -technically and artistically. There was nothing like spending $80-$100 for a bunch of unusable negatives. Starting off with film forced me to get the image right the first time. Getting it right on film made transitioning to the digital platform easier. Even then, it was apparent that knowing the limitations of your equipment was important. Photographers should never rely on their computers to make or fix the image they captured. Digital means the image is available sooner after editing (cropping, dodging, burning, dust/stray hair removal). It cannot fix a poorly composed image or replace what was omitted from the photo.

Creating powerful imagery

I have captured high quality images at weddings, class portraits, headshots, corporate parties, golf events, concerts, the U.S Track and Field Olympic Trials, a couple of Super Bowls, and more. PhotoShelter named me one of 40+ Black Pro Sports Photographers You Need to Hire Before The Price Goes Up.


Why JM Photography Studios

Simply put, I value your business. When you choose JM Photography you get top-notch professional service, over 20 years of experience and the equipment to match.

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